Apple’s AirTag works with Android devices too: Here’s how

Apple launched the much-rumoured AirTag, a tracking device to find lost items, at its Spring Loaded event that took place recently.

Apple, after around two years of speculations, launched the AirTag, a Tile-like device that helps in finding lost items. The small, circular device made its entry at the Cupertino tech major’s Spring Loaded event that took place virtually recently.

An AirTag is based on the U1 ultra wideband chip, Bluetooth, and the Find My network to function. These details were mentioned during the launch event. However, what wasn’t mentioned was the fact that an AirTag can work with an Android device too. Here’s what’s it all about and how it will work.

How AirTag works with Android?

As spotted by 9To5MacApple has a support page that highlights the AirTag’s working with iPhones or Android devices. While an AirTag’s said compatibility with Android might get you excited, you shouldn’t. 

In reality, the ability is all about how an Android or any NFC-enabled device will be able to find the AirTag in the proximity.

To put things into perspective, An Android device will be able to read the AirTag if an iPhone isn’t in the vicinity. This can only happen if the AirTag in the Lost mode. The Lost mode can be enabled via an iPhone, which will show the map to locate the lost item with the AirTag on it.

If the AirTag is found, the person can bring the device close to the AirTag to find more about it. This way, the person who owns the AirTag can be detected and the lost item (which has now be found by someone else) can be returned to the concerned person.

This means that the Android devices will only be able to help iPhone users find their AirTags. The tracking device won’t pair with an Android smartphone just like it does with an iPhone.

To recall, an AirTag sends secure Bluetooth signals for nearby devices (billions of Apple devices) to get detected. These devices can then send the AirTag location to iCloud, following which the owner can easily go to the place and get their lost items.

The Apple AirTag starts at Rs 3,190 and will be up for grabs, starting April 30.

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