Battlegrounds Mobile India features round up so far: Under-18 data privacy, security and more

Gamers and media went crazy when Krafton dropped the official announcement for the replacement to PUBG Mobile – Battlegrounds Mobile India. Although links with PUBG Mobile are not shown, the game is essentially a slightly revamped version of the global version. The game will be released soon and Krafton will initiate registrations for early trials in a few weeks.

Ahead of the release, the updated policies on the site have revealed a couple of special upgrades for Battlegrounds Mobile India over PUBG Mobile India. While a gameplay trailer is yet to be released, young players in India have a lot to go through before flexing their muscles on the virtual battlefield.

Here’s a list of all the privacy and security enhancements you can expect in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

(Image: KRAFTON Inc)

– Colossal spending on in-game items was an issue with PUBG Mobile. Krafton will now include a spending limit for players under 18 years of age. Young players can only spend up to Rs 7,000 on a daily basis.

– Since we are on limits, Battlegrounds Mobile India will also impose a time limit of three hours of gameplay per day. This should help cut down addiction to the game for young Indian players. This feature was present in PUBG Mobile too.

– There’s more for under-18 players. After downloading the game, young players will need to have consent from their parents in order to play it. Additionally, they will need to provide contact details of their parents.

– For parents, Krafton will provide an option to reach out in case they feel that an underage child has shared information without consent. The company will delete all the player information from the system.

– All player information will be stored on servers located in India and Singapore. This information will include details like device information (OS, browser type, etc), IP Address, and browsing behaviour (while using their website and services).

– The teasers have so far revealed retention of Miramar map and the basic gameplay experience from PUBG Mobile. Even the lead character from PUBG Mobile is present in Battlegrounds Mobile India.


In the wake of Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement, there is likely to be a lot of malware distributed among players. Hence, it is advised that players should not download any APK files from suspicious links shared on WhatsApp or by other sources. Players need to wait for official announcements from Krafton before investing in the game.

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