COVID-19 SOS page on Twitter released: Oxygen beds, cylinder, vaccine and related information

The COVID-19 SOS page on Twitter is said to host credible information related to resources that could be helpful for COVID patients. Here are all details.

In the midst of a raging COVID-19 pandemic, microblogging site Twitter has rolled out a dedicated page for helping Indian citizens to battle the disease. Called the COVID-19 SOS page, this page will share and provide all kinds of useful and verified information about resources to help COVID patients at this time of emergency. Additionally, there’s also a COVID-19 vaccine prompt to help with the vaccination drive.

The COVID-19 SOS page is currently live on Twitter and users can check it out via the trending list at the moment. “The COVID-19 SOS page helps surface information from those offering or seeking immediate help during this crisis. We have also built a series of Twitter Moments to help you get the facts from the most reliable sources, because we know not all the information you see on the service is credible,” says Twitter.

COVID-19 SOS page goes online

“These dedicated Moments about vaccine safety, how to stay safe and more, include detailed and accredited information from organisations like the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India (MoHFW) and World Health Organization (WHO), among others,” adds Twitter on its post.

Twitter COVID-19 SOS

BGR India checked out the COVID-19 SOS page and found out retweets of various users asking for help or sharing information about resources. Twitter reiterates that it shares only verified information from people and includes Government directives as well.

Users visiting the COVID-19 SOS page can find out information regarding availability of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, and other related COVID-19 resources that could be required by COVID patients. The page will also release information about vaccines as and when is available.

Additionally, Twitter is also creating lists to help authorities and health workers disseminate information quickly. “We have curated a series of Twitter Lists of health authorities, public health experts, health journalists, fact-checkers, and other authoritative sources, so you can stay up to date about information during the second wave of the pandemic. We’ve also created a List of verified organisations who are engaging in COVID-19 relief work that you can follow on Twitter,” says Twitter.

On the other hand, Twitter also clarifies that it will continue to engage with the public in order to serve them during this crisis. “In the event we receive more requests to withhold content from the Government of India within the country, we will continue to engage openly and constructively based on our overarching  commitment to serve the public conversation during a crisis. We will also continue to proactively communicate to any affected account and also publish every individual request we receive from the government to the Lumen Database,” says Twitter.

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