CoWIN app found on Google Play Store: Is it fake? What it is for?

People aged between 18 and 45 can now register for the COVID-19 vaccine and get themselves vaccinated, starting May 1.

By now, you must be well acquainted with the word CoWIN. If not, this the portal that lets you register for the COVID-19 vaccination and ever since registrations for the age group 18 to 45 years have opened up, CoWIN has attained both popularity and a milestone. The portal received more than 1.7 crore vaccine registration in just three hours (courtesy, a tweet by R.S Sharma).

But, it wasn’t a smooth sail. Both CoWIN and Aarogya Setu faced hiccups as people tried to register but couldn’t. Looking for alternatives felt right and the CoWIN app on the Google Play Store seemed like an option. Although, it too didn’t let people register and ended up getting the ‘fake’ label. But, is it? Let’s find out.

CoWIN app on Google Play Store isn’t fake

The answer to this question is No. The CoWIN app on the Google Play Store isn’t fake and has been listed by the MoHFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare).

So, why the failed registrations? This is because the app isn’t meant for us. The CoWIN Vaccinator app is indeed for CoWIN Facility level users who are meant to perform the tasks of “vaccine administrators, supervisors, and surveyors.” This has been clearly mentioned in the app description.

CoWIN Vaccinator app

Hence, if you try to download the app and register for the Coronavirus vaccine, it would be a failed task. This also arises the question of any CoWIN at all. To answer this, there isn’t any.

To get yourself registered for the vaccine, you mainly have three options: the CoWIN website, the Aarogya Setu app, and the Umang app. These are your only resorts to take a step ahead and get vaccinated.

How to get registered for COVID-19 vaccine?

Aarogya Setu

You need to head to the Aarogya Setu on either your Android or iOS device. Now, you need to tap on the CoWIN section and select the login/register option. Following this, enter your mobile number, get an OTP, Enter the document details you are using (Aadhaar card, PAN card, or more), age, gender, and your are good to go.

Now you will be required to locate the nearest vaccination centre based on PIN code or state/district (free or paid) and book an appointment to get the vaccination. Once this happens, you can also download the vaccination certificate.

CoWIN site

For this, you need to visit the ‘’ and select the ‘Register/Sign In Yourself’ option. Enter the mobile number, authenticate with an OTP, provide the document details, age, gender, and it’s done. Now, you can locate the vaccination centre (again, based on PIN code or state and district) and just book a slot to go about it.

Umang app

Download the Umang app, which is available for both Android and iOS users. Once you have set up the app with your details and more, just select the ‘Registration for COVID-19 vaccine’ banner on the homepage. Much like the aforementioned sites for COVID-19 vaccine registration, you need to enter your phone number, OTP, provide proof, and more, following which you will be registered.

After all this, just look for the nearest vaccination centre, book an appointment, and the process is done.

Once the first dose is received, you can book for the second one via CoWIN or Aarogya Setu app.

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