How to apply for Driving License RC and more online in India

MoRTH makes 18 RTO services available online: Here’s how to use the new platform

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has announced that certain services regarding driving licenses and certificate of registration can now be availed online. This means that Indians will now be able to avail services like license renewal, applying for duplicate RCs and more online without visiting the Regional Transport Office (RTO). This according to MoRTH will streamline the process and make the services hassle-free and contactless for Indians.

MoRTH is currently offering 18 contactless services, which can be availed voluntarily using Aadhaar authentication. These services include the following:

  • Learner’s License.
  • Renewal of Driving License for which test of competence to drive is not required.
  • Duplicate Driving License.
  • Change of Address in Driving License and Certificate of Registration.
  • Issue of International Driving Permit.
  • Surrender of Class of Vehicle from License.
  • Application for Temporary Registration of a motor vehicle.
  • Application for Registration of motor vehicle with a fully built body.
  • Application for issue of duplicate Certificate of Registration.
  • Application for Grant of NOC for Certificate of Registration.
  • Notice of Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicle.
  • Application for Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicle.
  • Intimation of Change of Address in Certificate of Registration.
  • Application for registration for driver training from Accredited Driver training centre.
  • Application for registration of motor vehicle of Diplomatic Officer.
  • Application for assignment of Fresh Registration Mark of a motor vehicle of Diplomatic Officer.
  • Endorsement of hire-purchase agreement.
  • Termination of hire-purchase agreement.

According to the announcement circular, the ministry has said that it has received all of the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to make use of digital platforms, ensuring good governance. It also added that this will help in reducing the footfall in the RTO offices, which will further increase the efficiency of the RTO offices as well.

How can you make use of the service?

Note: Everyone wanting to use these online services will have to undergo Aadhaar authentication.

Step 1: Head to MoRTH’s official online portal for the services.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select the state where you want to avail the services for.

Step 3: Selecting the state will bring up a list of services that can be performed online in that state.

Step 4: Below that, you will get to see all of the 18 services listed above that you can perform online, without visiting the RTO.

Step 5: Select the service you want to avail.

Step 6: You can now follow all of the procedures provided to you on the portal to put up your request.

Step 7: After you have completed all of the steps and filled all necessary forms, you need to click on Submit.

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