Instagram attempts to compete with Clubhouse with audio-only Live sessions

Instagram has introduced a new ability that allows people to turn off their cameras during live sessions and conduct audio sessions like Clubhouse.

Instagram aims to take on another popular app. After recently aping TikTok with the launch of Instagram Reels, the photo-sharing app is trying to compete with Clubhouse with a new ability for its Live sessions.

People can now conduct audio-only live streams for live conversations on the platform, much like on Clubhouse. Here’s a look at what’s this all about.

Instagram now allows for audio-only Live videos

It is suggested that people can turn off their cameras while going live on Instagram, thus, calling for voice chats with people. While this isn’t entirely Clubhouse-like, at least it’s a step in the same direction and might help the Facebook-owned app in a way.

You can also mute your audio during Live sessions, again, a feature available on Clubhouse so that you can just be an attendee of the live broadcast.  The difference over here is that a user can do so without the need for the person who started the live session.

The broadcasters won’t also be able to turn off the video for others. However, Instagram is expected to introduce more controls for them in the future.

The new addition to Instagram Live comes after the feature recently got the ability for a person to go live with three more people. This is helpful for content creators for interactive sessions and collaborations, and even for Instagrammers who just want to go live for fun

Facebook’s other Clubhouse attempts!

The new feature is Facebook’s another step in the quest to come with up Clubhouse alternatives and possibly take on it, much like it has done to Snapchat and TikTok in the past.

Facebook recently introduced an experimental Q&A platform, Hotline that is available as part of a public beta testing. It allows people to go live, ask questions from others, and provide written or voice-based answers.

The social media platform even introduced a slew of audio products to compete with Clubhouse. It has started testing Live Audio Rooms within Facebook Messenger and the main Facebook for people to have audio-only conversations with ease. This will be available for people this summer.

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