Instagram to soon start advertising Reels in India: Details here

Facebook will start advertising Reels in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia. It will allow advertisers to select the genre of Reels to advertise on.

Facebook will soon start testing showing advertisements on its Instagram Reels platform in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia. Apart from that, the company has also stated that it plans to start testing other features like letting users share their own Reels videos on their Facebook accounts in India.

Carolyn Everson, Vice President of global business at Facebook in an interview with Reuters stated that “the introduction of ads is an indication of how strong the momentum is for Reels.” However, she did not reveal the usage metrics for Reels.

The ads just like other Reels content will be up to 30 seconds long, which users will be able to skip by swiping.

The company will allow advertisers to select categories of Reels they want to place adverts on. So for example a lipstick company can choose beauty videos, a baby powder company can select parenting videos and so on. This will be the company’s largest move to let brands advertise alongside content genres, rather than allowing them to only target users by their interests.

Apart from this, the company has also revealed that it will begin testing sticker ads for its Facebook Stories feature in the coming weeks. This will allow brands to create stickers, which the creators can then place inside of their Stories. The company will then provide all influencers using the stickers with a cut of any sales made through the stickers.

The addition of this feature is a part of Facebook‘s push to retain its creators, who are switching platforms to earn money from their content.

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