New WhatsApp scam: Beware of this Women’s day WhatsApp scam that claims to offer free Adidas shoes

A new WhatsApp scam is doing rounds. Beware of this Women’s day WhatsApp scam that claims to offer free Adidas shoes.

With the International Women’s day is just around the corner, an online scam with the aim to trick users is doing rounds on WhatsApp. A message is being circulated on the Facebook owned messaging platform, which claims that “Adidas is offering free shoes on Women’s day”. If you have also received this forwarded message, we suggest you ignore it as this is just another online scam that doesn’t require your attention.

This is not the first time that a scam like this is doing rounds on WhatsApp. There have been hundreds and thousands of them tricking millions of users all across the globe in the past. Coming to the latest one, a message is being circulated on WhatsApp stating, “”. Users must ensure to not click on the url as it looks suspicious.

Firstly, if Adidas was actually offering free shoes it would have updated the official website first or the, the official social media handles. We tried to verify this and couldn’t find any such deals or official notice or announcement about the free shoes offer. Secondly, the url looks suspicious.

If you take a closer look at the url, it mentions “”, the spelling of Adidas is mis-spelt in this case and this raises more concerns. The url is also not a part of the official Adidas website, which is another reason why you shouldn’t click on the link included in the forwarded message. Lastly, the logo on the landing page is of WhatsApp’s and not Adidas, which gives us all the more reasons to not trust such forwarded messages that claims to offer free gifts.

The suspicious website doesn’t include any content and there are just some pictures. At the end, the page states that it has been developed by © 2021 adidas America Inc. As for the official Adidas website, it includes ©2020

Tips to stay safe on WhatsApp

– Don’t click on suspicious links.

– Don’t believe messages that claims to offer free gifts.

– Check the url of the suspicious link properly.

– Such messages often have spelling errors. Ensure to re-check all of it properly.

– Check the language of the message.

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