Oximeter to Glucometer: 5 health gadgets you must have handy at home in COVID times

COVID-19 India Latest update: Here are 5 health gadgets you must have to beat the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Check the list.

India is struggling to overcome the COVID-19 second wave that is consuming life at a rapid pace. People across the country are gasping for oxygen, which is one of the major symptoms that you’re infected with COVID-19 virus.

If you have fever and cough, first thing which you should do is check your SpO2 level using an oximeter. Given hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen supply, it is suggested to stock up your home will require medicines and medical equipment. Here are 5 health gadgets you must have to beat the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


Having an oximeter at home is a must-have health gadget these days, especially with the rise in COVID-19 cases in India. There are several oximeters available from various brands but unfortunately, prices of the oxygen saturation machine have gone up drastically. You will be able to buy a good oximeter from any e-commerce website, be it Amazon, Flipkart, among others.

Blood pressure monitor

An automatic blood pressure monitor is very easily available in the market and is an essential health gadget to have at home these days. It measures your blood pressure instantly, if low there are chances of you contracting COVID-19 infection

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Portable personal ECG monitor

Portable personal ECG monitor is another important gadget to have at home at this crucial time. It can be easily connected to your smartphone to monitor if your heart is functioning well. It is also easily available on e-commerce platforms or nearby stores.

IR thermometer

One of the main symptoms of COVID is fever and for that very reason you must have an IR thermometer at home. An IR thermometer is very easily available on online as well as offline stores.


If you have diabetes and your sugar level has spiked suddenly, you must immediately get a COVID test done. The glucometer instantly measures sugar level in the blood.

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