PUBG Mobile India now Battlegrounds Mobile India, reveals latest leak

A recent leak on PUBG Mobile India confirms Battlegrounds Mobile India as the new name for the banned battle royale game. Here are all details.

A recent leak related to PUBG Mobile India has revealed its new name ahead of its official name. The game will now be known as Battlegrounds Mobile India and there’s a new creative poster to suggest the same. The poster reveals a player landing on Miramar while looking at the new title. The game will be distributed by Krafton Inc and is likely to retain the core gameplay experience from PUBG Mobile.

The leak comes courtesy of GemWire, revealing the new poster as well as name. This seems to be legitimate as the information was dug out from the official PUBG Mobile India website. A new website domain, called “”, has already been registered on April 7 by Krafton. There’s also a new teaser video name by the name of “India Recall Campaign Motion_v02.mp4.”

PUBG Mobile is now Battlegrounds Mobile India

“The creative found suggests the Indian version of PUBG Mobile will likely be named “Battlegrounds Mobile India”. The new poster creative was found via an embedded link to a video on Vimeo which previously hosted the Diwali Coming Soon creative. There looks to be another video privated in their asset collection on Vimeo with the above thumbnail,” says the post on GGWire’s Instagram page.

Source: GemWire

It seems that Krafton is desperate to bring the game back to India at any cost, whether it involves changing the name. Back in December 2020, Krafton rolled out a website that confirmed PUBG Mobile’s return to India under the “PUBG Mobile India” banner. At the time, some details were shed on the modified game.

The Indian version was said to bring customized in-game content and new features to help the Indian player base. Most importantly, it clarified that it would use Microsoft’s Azure platform to store all player data within India in local servers. This was the main reason the Indian government banned the game back in September 2020.

Krafton is yet to make an official announcement regrading the same, but it seems that the company is waiting for the pandemic’s second wave to settle down. The new poster hints at the game being not much different than the global version. Moreover, this also hints that the arrival of PUBG New State in India won’t be happening anytime soon.

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