Truecaller Verified Businesses feature launched to improve call pickup rate

Truecaller’s new Verified Business feature also includes distinct visual differentiators, which will represent verified businesses.

Truecaller has rolled out new brand identity solutions, which will now allow businesses to verify their identity. This according to the company will help improve consumer experience and increase safety by reducing fraud and scam calls. It will also help businesses in improving communication efficiency with increased call-pickup rates, for genuine and important calls.

The company states that spoofed identities are one of the major reasons behind frauds and scams. This new feature aims to reduce that and keep its consumers safe while interacting with businesses.

The feature also includes distinct visual differentiators, which will represent verified businesses. These indicators will use a green verified business badge, brand logo and brand name. Verified businesses will also get a verified tick for their profile and will be able to lock their brand name and profile photo. This according to the company will act as a big boon for brand-conscious startups and businesses by providing them with a platform, which accurately represents their brand image to their customers.

Even though this new feature will represent verified businesses as their owners want to showcase, however, the company’s spam algorithms will continue to work like before. This means that all users just like before will be able to mark spam calls, even if they have a verified badge.

As a pilot start, over 150 businesses signed up for the program. All of them saw an increase in phone calls getting picked during the early access phase, according to the company.

Truecaller enterprise has been set up with the strong intent of building solutions for businesses that will not just improve the efficiency of their communication but also provide significant value and safety to consumers in their day-to-day lives”, said Sony Joy, VP, and Head of Truecaller Enterprise.

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